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Pillows for pregnant women

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Pillows for pregnant women

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Pillow for pregnant and lactating mothers should be used already from the first months of pregnancy, because from this time certain changes begin to occur in the body. Every day, as the baby grows in the tummy, a woman feels more and more heaviness and discomfort in her back, she feels pain in her legs. And such a pillow will provide you comfort, and, taking the most convenient position, your body will be able to fully relax and to gain new strength.
The pillow for pregnant women will ease fetal pressure on the spine in a sitting position. It will be comfortable to lie to you on any side, because it will reliably support you and your tummy will be in a comfortable position.
In the period of feeding it will be no less useful. Due to its shape, the pillow embraces the female waist its soft ends, and  it is convenient to put the baby on the middle part, which is more full of filler. The baby will be located at the breast level, and it will be very convenient to feed it. In addition, thanks to these features of the pillow, you can alternate the feeding of the right and left breasts, which prevents the occurrence of milk stagnation.
In our store "Supermama" you can buy quality pillows made of natural sheep wool of different shapes and sizes that will become for you a reliable helper in this wonderful period. And our consultants will help you with your choice, because your health and the health of your baby are important to us.