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Bras for pregnant and lactating women

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Bra for feeding №019 "C" (beige with lace)
Price: 203 грн
Bra for feeding №019 "С" (pink with lace)
Price: 203 грн
Nursing Bra №001 (Pink)
Price: 203 грн
Nursing Bra №001 (Skin)
Price: 203 грн
Bra for feeding №020 "B" (pink with flowers)
Price: 205 грн
Bra for feeding №020 "B" (yellow with flowers)
Price: 205 грн
Bra for feeding #022 "C" (green in polka dots)
Price: 241 грн
Bra for feeding #022 "C" (pink in polka dots)
Price: 241 грн
Bra for feeding №002 (beige top in polka dots)
Price: 269 грн

Bras for pregnant and lactating women

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A lot of women, that are preparing to become mothers, believe that they can do without bras for pregnant and lactating women, because they are created solely to make money on young and inexperienced mothers.
Previously, there were not so special bras, so women were uncomfortable from wearing normal underwear and they have faced the negative consequences of improper breast care.
Today, a number of models of bras for feeding allow you to choose exactly the one. With such a bra it will be convenient to do different things and it will reliably support your breasts.
There are cotton and elastic bras by the type of fabric.
According to the models, they are classified the next way:
  • bra for sleep;
  • bra-bandage;
  • balconette bra;
  • brassiere with thongs;
  • bra with front buckle;
  • bra with cups that are detachable.
Bras for pregnant and lactating mothers should have the following properties:
  1. Domination of natural materials, which will allow to "breathe" the skin of the breast. Some manufacturers sew bras from stretch-cotton or microfiber with the addition of lycra fibers. An additional advantage is antibacterial and antifungal tilling.
  2. Cups of such a bra should support the breast completely. When the volume of the breast is changing, the cup should not squeeze it, but should smoothly stretch due to elastic external parts. This will provide comfort during baby feeding and during sleep. Correct fixation of the breast by the bra in the raised position will promote a regular inflow of milk. Cups should to detach for comfortable feeding the child without removing the bra. This also makes it possible to use special gaskets.
  3. Such a bra should have comfortable wide straps that would not compress the shoulders. Some models even have reinforced straps, which are designed to fix breasts of large sizes.
  4. The seams should not be noticeable so that they do not rub the tender skin of the breast and nipples. It is better to buy seamless cups that would easily take the shape of the breast. And the lack of additional constructions in your bra will eliminate the additional pressure on the chest.
In our store "Supermama" you can buy only quality bras for pregnant and lactating mothers from natural fabrics from reliable manufacturers at a bargain price.
And to choose your size correct, you need to conduct all the measurements in the chest area correctly. Using a centimeter tape measure the volume of the chest under the breast (pic. A) and on the chest (pic. B). The number will correspond to the value of A. The completeness of the cup - the difference between the values of B and A.
Cup A: the difference varies between 10-13 cm.
Cup B: the difference varies between 14-15 cm.
Cup C: the difference varies between 16-17 cm.
Cup D: the difference varies between 18-19 cm.
DD cup: the difference varies between 20-21 cm.
But if you have any difficulties or you simply can not decide with the choice, our consultants will definitely help you. After all, a bra, wich is selected correctly, will serve as the prevention of mastitis, reduce the stagnation of milk and help to maintain the beautiful shape of your breasts.